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560KBE7301C+L NSK Tapered roller bearing

Brand Name NSK
Model Number 560KBE7301C+L
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
Price Negotiable

Product Features

96925/96140D+LNSK - - - - - 782476976866 - -
EE542215/542291D+LNSK2.9375 in - - - - 782475037001 - -
290KBE4001+LNSK170 mm20 mm220 mm203 mm183 mm - 1.5 mm -
EE128114/128160D+LNSK1.4375 in - - - - 782475242924 - -
380KBE031A1+LNSK - - - - - - - -
330KBE5001+LNSK60 mm13 mm90 mm82 mm67 mm - 0.6 mm -
270KBE3501+LNSK80 mm16 mm120 mm109 mm92 mm - 0.6 mm -
390KBE6002+LNSK - - - - - 782475283620 - -
500KBE9101+LNSK35.0000 mm - - - - 782475961108 - -
530KBE030+LNSK1.2500 in - - - - 782475985630 - -
320KBE30+LNSK - - - - - 782475260010 - -
EE243192/243251D+LNSK - - - - - - - -
380KBE030B+LNSK - - - - - - - -
220KBE42+LNSK1.4375 in - - - - 782476035679 - -
HM261049/HM261010D+LNSK0.7500 in - - - - 782475118557 - -
480KBE31+LNSK0.6250 in - - - - - - -
EE551026/551663D+LNSK1.9375 in - - - - 782475018475 - -
EE275105/275161D+LNSK - - - - - 782475669790 - -
505KBE6601+LNSK - - - - - - - -
EE649237/649311D+LNSK1.4375 in - - - - 782475055517 - -
EE551050/551701D+LNSK4.0000 in - - - - 782475726066 - -
240KBE30+LNSK1.2500 in - - - - 782476476847 - -


530KBE030+L NSK Tapered roller bearingSelf Aligning:Self Centering; End Cap Groove:Yes; Flinger Type:INTERNAL RUBBER LIP; Grease Type:Mobilgrease FM222; UPC:782475985630; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Insert Material:Nickel-Coated Steel; Ball Grade:Class 24; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Housing Material:Polymer; Shaft Attachment (2):D-Lock; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Max Bearing Speed:4500 rpm; d:1.2500 in; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel;
230KBE4101+L NSK Tapered roller bearingBearing Series:211 Series; Bearing Duty:Medium Duty; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Flinger Type:Standard; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; UPC:782476284022; Base to Center Height:Standard; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Locking Device:Concentric Clamp Col; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Seal Type:Single Lip; Max Bearing Speed:3500 rpm;
EE982003/982901D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingBearing Insert Material:Steel; Shaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Housing Series:215 SERIES (211 - 30; UPC:782475698530; Bearing Series:215 Series; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Housing Type:Top Angle Take-Up; Setscrew Angle:65; Ship Weight:27 LB; Housing Product Type:TYPE E; d:2.7500 in; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222;
EE130902/131401D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingBearing Series:209 Series; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Flinger Type:None; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Max Bearing Speed:5000 rpm; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Ball Bearing Housing Series:209 Series; Base to Center Height:Standard; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Self Aligning:Self Centering;
230KBE3801+L NSK Tapered roller bearingBearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Split Housing:SPLIT; Setscrew Angle:65; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Bearing Series:115 Series; Shaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; UPC:782475698998; Ship Weight:20.29 LB; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Housing Product Type:K / DI; d:1.9375 in; Housing Series:115 SERIES (115 C); Base to Center Hight Numeric:2.8800 in;
LM451349/LM451312D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingAngle Size:2-1/2 X 2-1/2 X 5/16; Take-Up Frame Style:LIGHT DUTY; Screw Treatment:ZINC PLATED; Ship Weight:31 LB; Take-Up Frame Travel:24.0000 in; Special Coating:STANDARD PAINT; Material Type:CARBON STEEL; Screw Diameter:0.7500 in; UPC:782475561537; Frame Size:40;
280KBE4001+L NSK Tapered roller bearingExpansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ring Size:Standard; Base to Center Height:Standard; Ball Grade:Class 24; Bearing Thread Type:UNC; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; End Cap Groove:Yes; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Ball Bearing Housing Series:207 Series; Grease Type:Mobilgrease FM222; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Housing Material:Polymer; Bearing Series:207 Series; Retainer Type:Max Life Cage;
290KBE4002+L NSK Tapered roller bearingUPC:782475699889; Ship Weight:21 LB; d:2.5000 in; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; Housing Type:Top Angle Take-Up; Shaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW; Split Housing:NO; Setscrew Angle:65; Housing Series:207 SERIES (204 - 20; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Housing Product Type:TYPE E; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Bearing Series:207 Series;
280KBE30+L NSK Tapered roller bearingHousing Product Type:SPECIAL DUTY; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; UPC:782475035908; Bearing Series:307 Series; Housing Series:307 SERIES (303 - 30; Shaft Attachment Type:SPECIAL DUTY; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; d:3.4375 in; Split Housing:SPLIT; Seal Type:Piston Ring; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ship Weight:116 LB;
EE128114/128160D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingd:1.4375 in; Ball Material:Steel; Shaft Attachment (2):D-Lock; Anti-Rotation Pin:Yes; UPC:782475242924; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Bearing Series:207 Series; Ball Grade:Class 10; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Seal Type:Single Lip; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Bearing Family:D-Lock Ball Bearing; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; End Cap Groove:No; Flinger Material:Steel; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Bearing Locking Device:Concentric Clamp Col;
EE971298/972102D+L NSK Tapered roller bearingFlinger Type:Standard; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Seal Type:Shield; Max Bearing Speed:5000 rpm; Bearing Locking Device:Eccentric Collar; Bearing Family:Eccentric Collar Bal; Housing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Ring Size:Standard; Self Aligning:Self Centering; UPC:782475607860; Ball Material:Steel; Housing Coating:Powder Coat; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Ship Weight:4.94 LB; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel;
440KBE31A+L NSK Tapered roller bearingShaft Attachment Type:SETSCREW; Bearing Bore Shape:Tapered; Split Housing:SPLIT; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Bearing Series:615 Series; d:6.5000 in; UPC:782475755165; Housing Product Type:TAF; Expansion Type:Expansion; Seal Type:Triple Lip; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Housing Type:4 Bolt Pillow Block; Base to Center Hight Numeric:7.5000 in; Ship Weight:510 LB; Grease Type:Mobilgrease XHP222;
230KBE4002+L NSK Tapered roller bearingShip Weight:2.8 LB; Bearing Duty:Normal Duty; Ball Material:Steel; Ball Bearing Housing Series:206 Series; Bearing Family:Grip Tight Ball Bear; Bearing Bore Shape:Round; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; UPC:782475883646; Shaft Attachment (2):Grip Tight; Bearing Inner Ring Material:Steel; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Ring Size:Standard; Retainer Material:Nylon; Manufacturing Plant Location:Crossville, TN - DC;
530KBE031A+L NSK Tapered roller bearingHousing Type:2 Bolt Pillow Block; Flinger Material:None; Retainer Material:Nylon; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Flinger Type:None; Ring Size:Standard; End Cap Groove:No; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Bearing Duty:Medium Duty; Grease Type:Unirex N2; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Expansion Type:Non-Expansion; Seal Type:Single Lip; Ball Bearing Housing Series:210 Series; d:45.0000 mm; Ball Grade:Class 10;
300KBE031+L NSK Tapered roller bearingManufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Housing Type:Cylindrical Unit; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Outer DiamCircular Bearing:3.5000 in; UPC:782475115235; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel; Flinger Type:Rubberized; Bearing Family:Setscrew Ball Bearin; Housing Coating:No Coating; Base to Center Height:Not Applicable; Ball Grade:Class 10; Retainer Material:Nylon; End Cap Groove:No; Bearing Insert Material:Steel;
320KBE31+L NSK Tapered roller bearingAnti-Rotation Pin:Yes; Ship Weight:14 LB; Bearing Insert Material:Steel; Retainer Material:Nylon; End Cap Groove:Yes; Shaft Attachment (2):Set Screw; Retainer Type:Std Retainer; Manufacturing Plant Location:Rogersville, TN; Ball Material:Steel; Bearing Locking Device:Setscrew; Ball Grade:Class 10; Ring Size:Standard; Seal Type:Single Lip; Housing Material:Cast Iron; Self Aligning:Self Centering; Bearing Outer Ring Material:Steel;



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